Cultivating a Heart of Worship

David was a worshiper. When everything was going great in his life, he worshiped. When he was running from Saul, he worshiped. When one of his children died, he worshiped. David’s heart was filled with worship and praise for the Lord, no matter his feelings or circumstances. Elisabeth Elliot, who suffered many trials in her […]

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Worshipping in the Hard Times

As David ran from King Saul, his faith was tested. When he was living in dark caves and in the desert, he cried out for God’s help. David didn’t stop trusting in God during his hardships. David didn’t stopping worshipping the Lord either. So many of us forget that God is still worthy of our […]

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Fearless–Psalm 56:4

Nothing or no one is more powerful than our Lord. He is our Creator, Maker, and Protector. His abilities are endless. If our Lord is this powerful, what do we have to fear? Psalm 56:4 says, “In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what […]

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