Cultivating a Heart of Worship

David was a worshiper. When everything was going great in his life, he worshiped. When he was running from Saul, he worshiped. When one of his children died, he worshiped. David’s heart was filled with worship and praise for the Lord, no matter his feelings or circumstances. Elisabeth Elliot, who suffered many trials in her […]

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Why Serving Others Is a Must

During the Revolutionary War, a high ranking officer was barking orders at his group as they were trying to get a large beam on the top of a building. The men were having much trouble with the beam, but the corporal still kept ordering them to do the job. A man walked up to the […]

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Fearless–2 Chronicles 16:9

There are many times which you may feel alone. Even if you are surrounded by your family and friends. It seems as if everyone is going a different direction, chasing different goals, believing different things. You just wish someone saw what you see. Well, there is One who does. In 2 Chronicles 16:9a it says, […]

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As we begin this new year, there are many hopes and dreams for the future. We have resolutions and goals set to make ourselves better in this coming year. In my last post I mentioned having a new heart as we start this new year—living wholeheartedly for Yeshua (Jesus). There were, no doubt, many mistakes, […]

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New Year–New Heart

 As we are about to begin a new year, many are making resolutions. List of goals. Things they are wishing to accomplish in this new year. The word new means something that is experienced for the first time. Some synonyms of new are different, unfamiliar, unknown, and strange. So in this new year, why not […]

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