Cultivating a Heart of Worship

David was a worshiper. When everything was going great in his life, he worshiped. When he was running from Saul, he worshiped. When one of his children died, he worshiped. David’s heart was filled with worship and praise for the Lord, no matter his feelings or circumstances. Elisabeth Elliot, who suffered many trials in her […]

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The Importance of Good Friends

Someone once said, “Good friends care for each other. Close friends understand each other. But true friends stay forever – beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time.” That is so true! It is so important to have good friends to be with you through all of life’s troubles and struggles. We all need friends that care […]

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What’s Your Purpose in Dating?

She had been dating since high school. She had had many boyfriends and been in a few serious relationships. But none of it seemed to work out. She watched as her friends’ relationships crumbled. She saw how they each sought for another relationship to fulfill their longing. Watching this cycle go around and around made […]

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Is There Purpose in Your Pain?

She left her home. She left everything that was familiar. She journeyed to an unknown place. But at least she had her family by her side. Then her husband died. Then soon after her two sons did too. Naomi was left alone. In a strange land. The pain of losing her family had to be […]

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