The mission of this blog is to empower women and young women who have been through difficult circumstances. To inspire them to be the woman God designed them to be.

 If you have been through a hard relationship, seen divorce, had suicidal thoughts, been physically or mentally abused, or have fallen prey to wrong decisions in the past, you may be broken and scarred by your experience. img_1970

But God is not finished with you. All that has happen to you is going to be used for His purpose.

On His Fireflies, I want to help women find a way out of their darkness. I want to help them find light in their Savior.

In your darkness, you can find light. And with that light you can inspire others to not be afraid of their present troubles.

You may have see heartache in the past, or you may be experiencing a difficult time right now. Whatever your circumstance, the Lord is shaping you into a stronger person. He is using this time to mold you for a great purpose.

You may not see it now, and it may take a while for you to see it. But it will all work out for good.

Here at His Fireflies you can find helpful resources in all areas of life. His Fireflies is here to give you hope. To give Christian women a place to turn to in their darkness. A place where you can find a light.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Stephanie.

I’m a college freshman living in Tennessee. Reading and writing are two of my favorite things. I’m also passionate about helping women in difficult circumstances. Women who are broken and confused.img_0358

I have been through my share of troubles in my life, and I know the damage it does. Helping women see who God designed them to be and freeing them from their brokenness is somethings that is heavy on my heart.

So I created this blog for them. The broken. The damaged. The abused. The forgotten. The confused.

I want this to be a place for women to gain light in their darkness. A place to find light in their King.