Why Practicing Biblical Womanhood Doesn’t Make You Weak

img_2313She was bold. She was a woman that was fearless and strong. She was just your average girl. She grew up in an average life. Except now she was the queen.

Ester lived a life of boldness and strength.

She knew that the Lord had a purpose for her. A purpose that needed her to live out biblical womanhood.

In today’s society, living a life a biblical womanhood makes you seem weak or passive. It is thought of as being a brainless, wimpy woman. But that is not what biblical womanhood is at all.

There are so many women in the Bible that live a life of boldness and not passivity. There was Hannah who wasn’t afraid to come before the Lord with what was on her heart. There was Abigail who showed wisdom in spite of her husbands actions. There was Deborah who led an entire army to battle. And there were Ruth, Mary the mother of Jesus, and so many other woman who did not sit back in weakness but instead led a life of bold confidence for the Lord.

God wants women to live boldly for Him.

Being a God-defined woman does not make you weak and wimpy. A God-defined woman:

  • Doesn’t let culture define her.

She knows that her worth comes only from God. She looks to His Word for truth and wisdom. She knows that she was created wonderfully by Him, no matter what the world says.

  • Does hard things that inquire boldness in the Lord.

Just like Ester, a God-defined woman is not afraid of doing what is necessary for the Lord. She is willing to do difficult things that might embarrass her or make her seem abnormal.

  • Serves the Lord to the best of her ability.

A God-defined woman sets her mind on things above. She knows that she is here for a greater purpose than what she could imagine. She lives to serve her King and to please Him only.

Being a woman that allows the Lord to direct her steps and lives a life of biblical womanhood does not make her weak or wimpy.

Being a God-defined woman means living a life of boldness, strength, and passion.

God wants women to be strong. He wants women live their lives with passion. He wants us to be bold for Him.

Decoding the lies of culture and choosing to live a life of biblical womanhood means living passionately for the Lord. It means living the life God has called you to as a woman. It is why He created you.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

Who is one woman in the Bible that you can see lived out biblical womanhood? How can you try to live your life more like she did for the Lord?

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