How to Strengthen Your Faith

img_2454There was a time when I knew God existed, but I wasn’t actually finding my strength in Him.

As things continued to spiral out of control in my life, I couldn’t ignore the fact that God was still in control. That even in the mess, He was still a mighty God.

I knew that my faith in Him had to become stronger. I knew that there was so much more about Him I needed to know.

Like me, you may have gone through a similar circumstance where you knew God was there but weren’t leaning on Him for strength. Or you could be in the middle of a mess right now and wondering if your faith is strong enough to continue.

I want to give you some ways to help you strengthen your faith, ways that helped me. It doesn’t matter if you are facing hard times or not. These tips will help you find lasting strength in our God.

1. Read God’s Word.

I know this might seem given to some people. But to others this has to be said.

The Bible is God’s love letter to us. It tells us of how much He cares and loves us. The stories throughout the pages express the mighty power that He has in this world and in our everyday lives.

Reading the Bible will help you learn more about the Lord’s character and the way that He has control of your life.

So don’t just read the Bible. Follow a good Bible study. Read resources that will help you understand the text better. Dig deeper so you can grow closer to Him.

2. Look up verses.

Finding verses that relate to your current circumstance or struggle can help you greatly.

Search online for passages that give you the hope and encouragement you need. Write them down or put them in your phone. Place them some where where you will can read them daily.

3. Start a prayer journal.

When I first started a prayer journal I didn’t know how much of an impact it would have on my faith.

Writing down your prayers helps you to concentrate and think through them more so than if you just prayed regularly.

4. List the character traits of God.

Throughout the Bible the Lord is called many different names. These names express His loving character.

There are also many other character traits that we know of God. Such as, He is a God of love, peace, joy, and so much more.

Listing the wonderful character traits of God will help you grow closer to Him and see all that He is in your life.

These are just few of the many ways that you can implement to help strengthen your faith.

Knowing that God is present in your circumstance is not enough. You must find Him and cling to Him. Doing so will make you grow closer to Him as His daughter and stronger as His warrior for the Kingdom.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

What else can you do to strengthen your faith and grow closer to the Lord? Let each other know below!

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