The Truth About Infatuation and the Christian Girl

img_2303As women, we are drawn to romance and relationships. That is the way God designed us. There is nothing wrong or harmful about it.

But in today’s culture, romance and relationships are looked at differently than what God had originally planned.

Today’s culture describes love and romance as feelings. With just one look you can become infatuated and that will lead to love.

Infatuation is one reason why many marriages end in divorce. After the starry eyes and good looks go away, what are you left with?

This thinking has disrupted women’s thoughts about God’s true design for love, romance, and relationships.

With so many chick-flicks, romance novels, and love songs, it can be hard for Christian girls to know the difference between infatuation and God-designed love. But they do differ. Here are a few reasons how they do:

  • Infatuation is motivated by passion and emotion. It is driven by feelings that last only a short time. But love is motivated by commitment. It is a choice. God-designed love gives instead of demands.

  • Infatuation cares only about satisfying self. It demands what it wants when it wants it. God-designed love waits on God’s perfect timing and cares about the other person.

  • Infatuation leads to lust and other sins. True love leads to peace, joy, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22).

  • Infatuation will lead you to act foolishly. Love will keep self-control and a right mind.

We need to realize that infatuation will not last. But God-defined love never fails (1Corinthians 13:18).

Running on infatuation will not lead you to a pleasant outcome. You will soon see the downfall of relying on your feelings and emotions.

We need to know that the good looks will soon go away. That there will not always be passion in our relationships.

We need to build our romantic relationships on the right foundation. Choosing to love someone will be difficult. But a God-defined love will be worth it in the end.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

Let’s talk!

How has infatuation became relevant in Hollywood and in the media?                                            How can building a relationship on God affect both of the people involved?

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