Crushed By This Life

img_2045She lived in fear. Most of her family had died. She was left alone. She had been stripped of her dignity. Her life had been nothing but torture. She was crushed by all of the pain in her life.

This woman was Corrie ten Boom. She lived in concentration camps for many years, saw people mistreated, and was mistreated herself.

But if you know her story, Corrie ten Boom overcame her past. She used her experience for the good of others.

She was crushed but not forgotten.

God had a plan for her life. Just like He has a plan for yours.

There are so many things that happen to us that would crush our spirits. You can try to stay strong, but sometimes your life gets to heavy to hold up any longer. You can ask God why this is happening or become resentful of Him because He won’t take it all away. Or you could choose to hold on to the hope that He gives us. And just like Corrie ten Boom, you can use your experience to help others.

You may be crushed, but God has not forgotten you.

The myrrh leaf must be crushed and ground to extract its sweet odor.

The olive seed has to be crushed and pressed to receive the oil.

There is one kind of plankton in the sea that comes onto the shore. If it is crushed or stepped on it glows almost like a diamond.

There are so many more ways that things or people have to be crushed to see there true potential and beauty.

God may be letting bad things happen to you for you can release your true potential. He may be putting pressure on you to show the beauty of what you can do.

Being crushed by this life may be a good thing.

You may use your experience for the good of others. Just hold on to the hope that the Lord gives us, and you can get through whatever this life throws your way.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

What other things have to be crushed to release their true potential? How can you get through what this life throws your way?

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