What’s the Harm with Romantic Fantasies

img_2042As little girls we dreamed of the perfect romance. A fairy tale land. The handsome Prince Charming. Going off into the sunset hand and hand.

But when we grow older, the dreaming we did as young girls turn into more.

We begin envisioning a romantic fantasy. We start imagining what our future husband will look like. How he will act and treat us. How romance will look in our lives.

At Creation, God created man and woman with differences to help complete His great purpose for us. He created women to nurture our relationships, show more feelings, and desire romance.

Have you noticed that girls like to go into extreme detail more than guys do? Or that we use “love” way more when we express our feelings? Or that girls tend to stay in groups more so than guys?

That’s because God created women as highly relational beings.

There is nothing wrong with romance in and of itself. God is the creator of romance. We just have to know how to live it out the way God wants us to.

But when we fantasize about romance and our future, we ruin the design of romance God created.

Here are three reasons why romantic fantasies are harmful:

1. Romantic fantasies give us an unrealistic view of love and romance.

When we fantasize, we make this perfect romance. We have an image of the perfect guy. We have a perfect expectation of a future romance and husband. We will expect the kind of love we see on movies and read about in books.

Doing this causes us to have a distorted view of the romance God has planned for us in the future. We will expect our future husband to be what we had envisioned. We will expect the romance we had pictured in our head.

2. Romantic fantasies cause you to be dissatisfied with your single years.

Dreaming of romance makes you discontent when you are single. Instead of using this season in your life for good, you instead crave to find romance quicker then what God may have planned for you. Use this season for God’s glory instead of forming an unrealistic romance and waiting for a guy to come along.

3. Romantic fantasies make us carry out the sin of lust.

Having romantic fantasies is a form of lust. We want a perfect romance now. If we do not get one, we make it up instead.

Lust is a sin that causes us to fall into more trouble. We must take control of our thoughts and create a pure heart for the Lord (Psalm 51: 10).

Dreaming of romantic fantasies is harmful for the Christian girl.

This world will feed us lies of romance and love. We must always be ready to control our thoughts and live with pure heart for the Lord.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

Do you need to rethink the lies of romance you have been believing?                                                 Are you living your single years the way God would want you to?                                                        In what ways can you make your heart pure for the Lord? Let me know in the comments below!

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