Stepping into the Unknown

img_1939The sea was in turmoil. Water poured over the sides of the boat. The wind whipped the men off of their feet. They struggled to stay in the boat.

“What’s that!” one of the men yelled.

Out on the surface of the rough sea was a figure. A ghostly figure. Coming towards them.

The men went into a panic, wondering what would become of them when this ghostly spirit reached their boat. Then they heard a familiar voice.

“Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”

It sounded like the voice of their Savior. But how could they be for certain.

Peter spoke up. “If it is you, Lord, let me walk on the sea with you.”

“Come,” the Lord responded.

Peter stepped out on the rolling sea, looked toward the Savior, and took a step. The wind was still blowing, and water splashed in his face.

He took another step. Then another one.

He was doing it. He was actually walking on water.

Then a large wave rose up near him. Peter took his eyes off of the Lord. He saw the wave falling and awaited the crash.

He started to sink. He could feel his body being submerged in the dark sea. His heartbeat quickened. And not knowing what to do, Peter called out to the Lord.

Through the rain and the wind and the waves, Peter saw a hand reaching out to him. He grasped it tight as he was pulled out of the rough water.

“O ye of little faith, why did you doubt me?” His Savior looked at Peter lovingly as He helped Peter into the boat.

The wind ceased. The sea calmed. And the rain stopped falling.

This story is well known by many. How the wind was blowing. How Peter walked on water. How he took his eyes off of the Lord. And how the Lord saved him.

But what we always forget is that Peter walked on water.

We concentrate on how Peter took his eyes off of the Lord and began to sink.

But we forget the faith Peter had to get out of the boat during the storm and step onto the rough sea.

In our lives today, it takes so much faith to stand up for what is right, for the truth, for the little things.

It is a leap of faith to actually follow God.

We hear the voices of others and get confused. We hear our own voices and wonder what is right.

Stepping out in faith takes a lot of faith. Faith in God. Faith in what He can do. Faith in the great plan He has for you.

But when we take that step, we are not promised that everything is going to be smooth from there.

There will be wind that will try to knock us down. There will be waves that will try to make us fall into the dark sea.

But just as Peter did, we must keep our eyes on the Lord.

When bad things happen, look to Him. When life crashes around us, look to Him.

We do not have to doubt His ways. We can know He will help us out of the darkness and into light.

He will save you from the storm. Hope can be found in Him, our Savior.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

If you were Peter, would you have had stepped out on the water?

What have been some storms in your life where you have had to keep your eyes on the Lord?

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