Living Your Dream

img_1791At a young age, children play as if they are some type of profession—a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, or whatever else.

But as they grow older, these play scenarios turn into dreams.

We have goals we push ourselves to. We have dream jobs that we try to obtain.

We work hard. We push our hardest. Even when everything and everyone around us is telling us this is not the path we should continue on.

The big dream that you may have once dreamed when you were young may not line up with God. His timing may have you to do something else instead.

Your dream may be anything. It could be something that is actually really good. A way to help those in need. A way to show others God’s love.

But no matter how good it may be, God’s plan could be something else.

You may be dreaming of something big. Something great that you have been wanting to accomplish for a long time. But God may be saying to look at the smaller picture. Just to look at the people around you, instead of around the world.

Or you may be dreaming of something small. Something on a minute scale that will impact your community. But the Lord may be telling you to think bigger. To effect more than those around you.

Whatever your dreams are, make sure that they line up with God and His timing.

Take some time to pray. Ask the Lord if this is for you. If your dream is His dream.

Dreams are not bad things in and of themselves.

Only if we take them beyond what God wants us to, then they can become troublesome.

If we push too hard to make our dreams come true, we will get tired. And the fire that we once had for that dream will go away.

God will let the fire burn inside you if your dreams are His dreams. He will help you make them come true.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

Are the things you dreamed of as a child still the dreams you dream today?

Have you seen someone’s dreams not become a reality because God was calling them to something else?

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