A Constant Light

IMG_0110 (2).JPGHard times will come to everyone. Either big or small. To the old or to the young.

Some may last for a long time. Others for only a moment.

It may be the loss of a loved one. A broken marriage. A life crisis. War. The list could go on.

You may feel left in the dark. Completely alone.

You will ask the Lord why this is happening to you, how could He allow this to come upon you.

It will feel as if He has left you alone. To suffer.

But I promise you He hasn’t.

He will always be with you. Even in the dark. He has promised to never leave you.

During the day there is much light from the sun. But even at night there is light-the moon and stars. There is never complete darkness.

Sometimes it will feel like the Lord is everywhere, His light shining bright. Other times you will only be able to make out a glimmer of His light. And then other times you won’t see Him at all. But he’s still there, shimmering the tiny specks around you. You just have to strain to see.

No matter what hardships you face, remember that the Lord is always there.

He will be a constant light in your life. Making sure you don’t fall off the path He has paved for your future.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

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