Love Without Pain


IMG_0064 (2).JPGThere are two sides to every story. Whatever has a front has a back.

To love is a chance. It takes work from each side. It is a choice. You may chose to love someone or not.

But if you choose to love someone, there will always be ups and downs. There will be troubles. There will be pain.

If there isn’t pain, there isn’t “true” love. The pain that you will experience makes you want to fix the troubles of the love that caused that pain.

Yeshua (Jesus) experienced extreme pain for us. He was tortured, spit at, made fun of. He took on Himself our eternal punishment. His Father even turned His back on Him.

That is love!

Yeshua experienced pain for love. Love for us.

There is no relationship that can have love without periods of pain. Love cannot exist without pain.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

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