Dreaming Reality

IMG_0060 (2).JPGWhat if you could see your entire life laid out for you when your young? You could see what profession you would have, who you would marry, how many kids you would have, what house you would live in, the friends that you will make.

The dreams we dream as a child rarely become a reality.

You may never make it to your dream job.

Your soul mate might not be the knight and shining armor you imagined him to be.

The friends you make may not be in the cliche you wanted to be in.

But as we get older and become more mature, we turn those fairy tales into real life circumstances.

We now imagine the people around us becoming our forever.

We instead follow our peers. The pressure of being different overwhelms us.

So we go along.

We rearrange our calendars, compromise our standards. Just to have people not to forget we exist.

This sometimes makes us forget Someone else who exist.

Don’t follow those dreams if it’s not the right time or thing to do.

Each person has a purpose. If you woke up today, then the Lord is not through with you.

Your dreams may never become a reality. But that’s okay.

The Lord may use hour hopes and dreams to drive you down the road He has paved for you.

Dreams aren’t bad. Just guard them with discernment.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

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