Put It on Me

IMG_2459 (2).JPGHave you ever been in a low place in your life and felt like no one knew what you were going through? But doesn’t it give you a little relief when someone does notice? If its letting you talk about your circumstance, giving you a shoulder to cry on, or just giving you a hug, it could mean the world to you at that time.

Many keep their problems to themselves. Thinking if anyone knew what they were going through, they would be thought of differently.

But sometimes they just can’t keep it in. They break down. Feeling as if they can’t hold it in any more.

If you ever come across anyone who needs a friend, even for the briefest moment, don’t turn away. Be there for them and show them the love they may never get from anyone else.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

Have you ever been or came across anyone who was hurting in some way?

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