IMG_1900 (2)As we begin this new year, there are many hopes and dreams for the future. We have resolutions and goals set to make ourselves better in this coming year.

In my last post I mentioned having a new heart as we start this new year—living wholeheartedly for Yeshua (Jesus).

There were, no doubt, many mistakes, troubles, and pain that you went through last year. With all of the natural disasters and other troubles that this country faced, last year was a real test.

But we don’t have to dwell on those past circumstances. We can try our hardest to live with a new outlook this year. We can choose to live wholehearted.

We need to be completely dedicated to what our Lord has called us to do. We need to be entirely consumed with Him. We need to have our hearts totally filled with His love.

When the twelve spies returned from the land of Canaan, only two believed that the Israelites could have victory over the giants that lived in the land. Joshua and Caleb believed that the Lord would help them conquer the enemy. They trusted with all of there heart. Numbers 32:12 says that they “wholly followed the Lord.

Just like these two men, we should trust God with all of our heart. Trust Him to guide us. Trust Him to protect us. Trust Him in every aspect of our lives. Wholly. With all of our hearts.

In His amazing love,

Stephanie Steele

What are some of your goals for this new year?

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