Be Real

IMG_2466 (3).JPGToday, there is so much negativity. Through Hollywood and social media we get lists of how we should look, talk, and be. And if we don’t live up to these standards, we begin to feel self-conscious. So, we try our hardest to be like everyone else.

Yet, this doesn’t leave us feeling satisfied. We start doubting ourselves. Wishing we could show others how we truly are.

We wear a mask daily to secure the friendship of others. We act like they do, talk like they do.

But this is not how we should live our live. It is a lie.

The Lord has called us to be His messengers. To tell people the Truth.

How can we do that if we are not true to ourselves?

It is impossible.

We should be true. We should be real. Be who we are called to be as children of the King.

Forget the checklists and standards that this world has made, and just be the real you.

Stephanie Steele

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