A Mess

IMG_1098 (2).JPGDo you sometimes feel as if you are lost? Lost in your life. Lost in each day. Lost in everything you know.

Every time you think you have things figured out, it ends up crashing. Does it seem your life will just always crash and burn?

Do you look at your problems and wonder where you went wrong? What you should have done to keep yourself out of this?

Well, just about nine out of ten times, it’s not you. It’s God.

He switches up your life for His benefit. He will use your problems to benefit the big picture.

That circumstance that you’re in might show its benefits tomorrow or fifty years down the road. God has a plan. He sees the big picture. We don’t.

Just trust Him through this time. Because this mess that you’re in now will show to be a beautiful mess in the future.

Stephanie Steele

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