Still Unwritten.


Every story starts with a beginning. From there it progresses to tell a meaning. You fall in love with the characters as you read. You root for them. Cry with them. Rejoice with them.

The author of every story works to make it what the readers will enjoy.

But it is such a scary feeling to put down the first word of the story because the rest is still unwritten. By the time it is all written the theme could be altered, the characters could change, or the entire project may end up a catastrophe.

Just like words on a page, so is our lives in this world. We all make up a great story. The Author is writing an amazing story where we all play leading characters.

Yet that can be scary. Because you don’t know what happens next or what your outcome will be.

The Lord is at His desk writing your story. And I promise you it is an amazing one.

You may go through major ups and downs before you reach your “the end.” But what dynamic character doesn’t struggle at some point, right?

So many people today believe they are writing their own story, in charge of what happens in there lives. But there is a greater One that holds the pen.

Your story is not finished yet. Until you reach your “the end” moment, never stop living your story to the fullest. It doesn’t matter what struggles your facing, where you are in your life, or who you have surrounding you. All that matters is that there is a God that has a plan. A plan larger than you or I will ever know. And we all live out this great plan, this great story.

Hand over your pen to Him and see where it leads you because your story is still unwritten.

Stephanie Steele

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