Our Hero.

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How would you classify a hero?

Is it someone who comes riding up on a white horse? Someone soaring in with a red cape? A soldier coming at just the right time leading the cavalry? A man who comes swinging in on a vine and fighting the enemy with his bare hands? Or is it the knight and shining armor who challenges the villain with his sword?

But what about the Man who lived as a king? He gave all of that up to live with peasants and sinners, and those people treated him worse than if He were a criminal. Their hatred for Him eventually lead to His death. Yet He took all of it willingly.

To me, that describes a true hero. Yeshua (Jesus) gave Himself for us. He took the Jew’s evil words and actions. He remained quiet through it all.

Yeshua didn’t come riding in on a white horse. Instead, He entered on a donkey. He didn’t soar in with a red cape to save the day. He landed in the midst of people who would eventually put Him to death. Yeshua didn’t come to earth with His cavalry. He came alone. To bare our punishment. He didn’t come swinging in with a great shout. No, He remained quiet and still while men spit in His face and pulled out His beard. And instead of challenging the sinners, Yeshua told them of His Father’s love then took the pain that was meant for them.

He gave up the love of His Father. He gave up His glory. He gave up His title for us. For we can be saved. To one day live with Him.

Yeshua is our one, and only, hero!

Stephanie Steele

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