No Greater Love.

IMG_1217There is no greater love than Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) love. He gave His life so you can live. His love is an example for us.

We should love like He loves.

Our relationships should be an echo from Yah (the Lord). If other look at our relationships, they should see Yeshua in them. Our relationship with our brother, mother, friend, or husband should be constructed with Yeshua as the corner stone. He should be the tip of the pyramid. The drawbridge to the castle. The archway for the courtyard.

If Yeshua is the center to any of your relationships, it will be a blessing if it’s His will. But both people have to have that mind think.

A triangle has three vertices. If Yah is one and you are another, the other person has to be the third. It’s just a line if the other person goes the opposite way.

So pick your friends and people you allow close wisely. If it’s a relationship Yah wants, He will bless it. There will be struggles. But if you love with Yeshua’s love, the two of you will rise above the downfalls. Because there is no greater love than His.

Stephanie Steele

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