Special Purpose.


You are here for a reason. You are put here, at this time, for a purpose. The Lord has a plan for you.

No matter what’s happening in your life, no matter how you are feeling, Yeshua (Jesus) will use you for His will. Everything might be crashing down around you, but if you are shining, you may be able to encourage those around you. You are put there for a purpose.

If there is a friend, family member, or just a passing acquaintance that needs God’s joy in their life, don’t forget to share the Lord’s good news. That may be your purpose. Even if it is just one person that you can help, it will mean the world to that person.

Your purpose might be writing a book, producing a movie, helping at a poor shelter, or just sharing the gospel to one person. There’s always a reason why things are happening in your life. Nine out of ten, Yah’s (the Lord’s) using that experience to shape you- to ready you for the purpose He placed you for. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not special, because you are. You were placed by Yah, to be used by him. You are His purpose. That is what makes you so special.

Stephanie Steele

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