Crushed By This Life

She lived in fear. Most of her family had died. She was left alone. She had been stripped of her dignity. Her life had been nothing but torture. She was crushed by all of the pain in her life. This woman was Corrie ten Boom. She lived in concentration camps for many years, saw people […]

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God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

When you walk through the checkout line at your local store, you have probably noticed the many magazines that line the shelves. A common similarity among each magazine is the famous model or actress on the cover. As women, it is easy for us to compare ourselves to the airbrushed women that the world labels […]

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Discovering Unconditional Love

He walked on this earth. He felt hunger and thirst. He was tired. He experienced suffering and pain. He died for us. Have you ever actually thought of what God’s Son went through when He was here on earth? Have you thought about the pain and suffering He had to endure? When you put the […]

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A Girl Defined By God

Because of the culture today, it is hard for women to find their true worth and identity. The culture feeds us lies and tries to turn us from what we are meant to be. At Creation, God had a plan for all women. A plan that has been forgotten and hidden under the world’s lies. […]

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Pain Will Go Away

Corrie ten Boom sat in the dark prison cell. She curled herself into a ball and cried. She had just seen her father for the last time. Her sister had just been separated from her. She didn’t know if she would ever see any of the people she loved again. Her heart was broken. She […]

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Stepping into the Unknown

The sea was in turmoil. Water poured over the sides of the boat. The wind whipped the men off of their feet. They struggled to stay in the boat. “What’s that!” one of the men yelled. Out on the surface of the rough sea was a figure. A ghostly figure. Coming towards them. The men […]

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